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Safety and Insurance

Safety and Insurance

Safety management system

The safety of you and your group is of paramount importance to us. For your complete peace of mind, we always adhere to UK Foreign Office Travel Advice. For more information, please visit Our safety management system has been developed in accordance with School Travel Forum and LOtC guidelines for the health and safety of students on educational visits. A copy of our safety management system is available for each party leader on request.

Standards abroad

As a general rule, safety standards and legislation abroad will not be as in the UK. Outside the UK, local safety standards and legislation will apply.


All accommodation in our brochure has been chosen for its suitability to provide a safe and secure environment for students. All venues priced in this brochure have been inspected and approved by directors or senior managers of Wyvern Schooltours. We reject venues which do not meet our standards. We obtain written documentation from our centres that fire and safety standards are independently inspected and meet local requirements. We also carry out regular inspections of venues in line with our safety management system.

Synopsis of travel insurance

Tours advertised in this brochure include travel insurance cover, which is effective from the date of our confirmation of a booking, unless specifically excluded from the travel package. Fogg Travel Insurance Services Ltd. provides our travel insurance policy. It is important that ALL members of the party are made aware of the cover provided. Your travel policy includes the benefit of Fogg Assist, which provides a 24 hour Emergency Medical and Repatriation Service. Pre-existing health conditions of travellers and close relatives must be disclosed. Wyvern Schooltours is an Appointed Representative of Fogg Travel Insurance Services Limited, who with Insurers Union Reiseversicherung AG (URV) are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Synopsis of cover

Pre-Travel Policy Cancellation
up to £3,000, excess £35

Loss of deposit
up to £3,000, excess £35

Travel Policy

  • Delayed arrival up to £100, excess nil
  • Missed departure up to £500, excess £3
  • Personal possessions up to £1,500, excess £50* Single article limit up to £250 Valuables limit up to £250
  • School property up to £500, excess £50
  • Delayed possessions up to £100, excess nil
  • Personal money up to £500, excess £50*. Cash limit up to £200
  • Party leader money up to £1,000, excess £50
  • Loss of travel documents up to £250, excess £50
  • Emergency medical expenses up to £5,000,000, excess £50** (£2,000 area 1*)
  • Hospital Benefit up to £500, excess nil
  • Curtailment up to £3,000, excess £35
  • Personal liability up to £2,000,000, excess £35**
  • Organiser’s liability † up to £5,000,000, excess £250
  • Organiser’s expenses † up to £100, excess nil
  • Personal accident up to £25,000***, excess nil
  • Legal expenses up to £10,000, excess £250

Note: *Reduced to £35 in respect of persons aged under 18 years. ** Increased to £250 in respect rented property damage only. *** Please see the Personal Accident section of the policy wording (section 9) for details of amount of payment. † Organiser liability and Organiser expenses only apply to school trips.

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