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Two night short visits to Normandy

Two night short visits to Normandy

Provides a delightful quick introduction to French culture and is crammed with fascinating historical attractions.

Educational Visits & Study Themes

Main attractions:

  • Numerous World War II sights to be discovered, many relating to the Normandy landings.
  • Arromanches 360° cinema, provides a vivid description of the events in 1944 and is well worth a visit.
  • Various war cemeteries in the area provide moving and educational experiences for groups.

Other attractions:

  • The Bayeux Tapestry, 70m of embroidered cloth that tells of William the Conqueror’s expedition to England and of the momentous Battle of Hastings. Audio guides explain the tapestry and a slide presentation is shown in English.
  • Falaise Castle, William the Conqueror’s birthplace. The area also offers a wealth of other medieval castles and sites of interest.
  • Local culture, visit street markets and local producers including bakeries, chocolate factories, oyster farms, goat farms and biscuit makers.
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