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One of the most picturesque and popular regions in Germany, ideal for rewarding school trips.

Educational Visits & Study Themes


  • Marksburg Castle, Braubach, towering high above the Rhine this 700 year old fortress is the only one which remains intact.
  • Reichsburg Castle, Cochem, an imposing Neo-Gothic structure. Originally dating from the early 11th Century, it was destroyed in the 17th century by Louis XIV’s troops but rebuilt by a Berlin businessman in the 19th century.
  • Burg Eltz, Münstermaifeld, schools love this 12th century fairytale-style castle situated in a prominent position near the River Moselle. The guided tours have been highly complimented by our leaders.
  • Middle Ages Torture Museum, Gruesome but gives a fascinating insight into the brutality of the middle ages. Learn about the methods of torture, witches, funeral piles, witch-hunts, witchcraft and the Inquisition.
  • Ehrenbreitstein fortress, Koblenz, built as the mainstay of the regional fortification system between 1817 and 1832. As part of the 2011 County Garden show, the fortress and surrounding area underwent extensive refurbishment. There is now a cable car from Deutsches Eck directly to the fortress.
  • Niederwalddenkmal, Rüdesheim, late 19th century monument symbolising the rise of the unified of the German nationstate. The memorial can be reached on foot, by chairlift or little tourist train.
  • Haus der Geschichte, German contemporary history comes alive in this excellent museum of post-war German history. There are approximately 7,000 original exhibits including a 1950s cinema, moon rock and a piece of the Berlin wall. Visits are free of charge and include a guided tour in English. The guides are excellent and can pitch the tour according to the age and level of the students with prior notice.


  • Visit one of the popular local ice-cream parlour in the region, many of which are run by Italian families. Include a Kaffee & Kuchen visit at a traditional German Kaffeehaus.
  • Wine tasting in Boppard and Rüdesheim, Visits include an explanation of wine production and the opportunity to sample locally produced wine or grape juice.


  • Beethoven’s House, the birthplace of the famous composer attracts visitors from all over the world and houses the largest Beethoven collection in the world. Its impressive original documents bring Beethoven’s life and work vividly to life.


  • Cochem Leisure Pool, in Taurisbad near Koblenz and Aqualand in Cologne offer a range of fun water-based activities.
  • Pin Up Bowling, treat your students to this modern bowling and event centre in Koblenz with 22 modern Brunswick bowling alleys, billiard tables, dart boards and a restaurant. There is also a multi-functional event space, a gallery, an outdoor terrace and a games room for the children.
  • Minigolf, the chairlift in Boppard is within walking distance of the minigolf course and can also be easily combined with a trip on the Rhine-Express tourist train.


  • Nürburgring motor circuit, the visit includes a comprehensive back stage tour and one circuit of The North Loop in your coach, accompanied by a guide.
  • Siegfried’s Mechanical Music Cabinet, a guided tour introduces students to the fascinating world of automated music boxes and instruments. Showcases about 350 pieces, many of which are demonstrated and played during the 45 minute long visit.
  • Butterfly garden, discover a little tropical paradise with palms, banana trees, trickling waterfalls and the colourful variety of exotic butterflies from South America, Africa and Asia. See the Chinese Atlas-moth, whose wing span measures about 25 cm as it sleeps undisturbed by the bustle of visitors, or the blue Morpho of Brazil floating through the air majestically.
  • Excursions to Cologne are possible from any of our centres in the Rhineland.
  • Phantasialand, a popular theme park near Brühl offers rollercoasters for all thrill-seekers but also lots of fun but gentle attractions such as shows and street performances.
  • Boppard, where the chairlift and minigolf course can be combined with a trip on the Rhine-Express tourist train.
  • Mini-train journeys, on the Rheinexpress in Boppard, Bimmelbahn in Cologne and Winzerexpress around Rüdesheim.
  • Boat trips, on the Rhine to Lorelei Rock where sailors were lured to a watery grave by the mythical Rhine Maidens. Alternatively, take a trip from Cochem to Burg Eltz on the Moselle. There are many beautiful round trips and journeys to choose from.
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