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Messines Peace Village Belgium

Messines Peace Village Belgium

Wyvern Schooltours have worked hard to make sure that students with special educational needs can enjoy a range of tours, accommodation venues and excursions in Belgium, France and Germany.

Summary of services and facilities

Wyvern Schooltours believe that it is of utmost importance that school trips are accessible to all students. That is the reason why we proudly offer various accommodation venues that are able to welcome students with special educational needs or physical disabilities. We are able to source executive coaches with wheelchair access and tailor a programme of excursions that meets every student’s needs. We endeavour to provide as much assistance as possible with the planning of your trip in order to make the experience enjoyable and hassle-free for you and your students. If the examples of accommodation venues below do not cover the area you would like to visit, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Many more of our centres can accommodate students with disabilities and we are always more than happy to research new, suitable accommodation venues and excursions for your chosen destination.

Region Overview

School trips to Belgium can include time in Ypres. The numerous monuments museums, cemeteries and preserved trenches make it easy for students to appreciate the scale and horror of an event that has done much to shape the world they have inherited.

The town itself was almost totally destroyed by German artillery but has now been totally rebuilt. The In Flanders Fields museum, named after Colonel McRae’s famous poem and housed in the old Cloth Hall, is an excellent start for your tour – it tells the whole story of the invasion of Belgium and the four years attritional trench war that followed.

The Menin Gate is an imposing war memorial dedicated to the British and Commonwealth soldiers who died nearby but whose bodies have never been identified or found. A moving ceremony to recall their sacrifice takes place every evening at 8pm. Talbot House opened by army chaplains provided rest and recreation to all soldiers coming in, regardless of their rank, is now a museum and Christian foundation.

Another favourite destination in Belgium is the picturesque city of Bruges with its quaint brick built houses, numerous canals, welcoming cafes and tempting chocolate shops. The Town of Lille also has much to offer, including a visit to a waffle making kitchen.

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