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Loire & Vienne

Loire & Vienne

Known as the "Garden of France" and "Château Country" it’s a region that was much beloved by French kings.

Region Overview

The Loire Valley has been synonymous with the fairy tale château ever since the region became the playground of French kings eager to escape the intrigues of court. Over 300 of these magnificent architectural masterpieces remain, so you are spoilt for choice!

Other attractions include the splendid Bioparc zoo. This is in the dramatic setting of an abandoned quarry which is also close to the ancient Troglodyte caves of Doué.

Saumur is a historical town surrounded by some of France’s finest vineyards. In the old quarter half-timbered buildings and 18th century houses, made from the beautiful local stone, line the narrow streets. Saumur is also home to the Ecole Nationale d’Equitation and the famous Cadre Noir equestrian display team.

Tours, capital of Touraine, dates back to the 1st century and you can still see remains of the Roman town near the spectacular cathedral. In the 14th – 16th centuries the city became the place of refuge for the monarchy.

In Vienne the town of Poitiers is renowned for its Romanesque architecture and history – it was the site of several famous battles and Joan of Arc’s inquest. The medieval city of Chauvigny and St Savin Abbey, a UNESCO world heritage site, are not to be missed.

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