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France WW2

France WW2

Study the Battle of Normandy at numerous museums, memorials and military cemeteries.

Educational Visits & Study Themes

Some ideas of how Wyvern can show you more visits than the usual well trodden list

Sites you may knowGood forSimilar sites you may not knowGood for
Musée du Débarquement, ArromanchesDramatic position at the mulberry harbour location – a good museum about the genius of the Allied InvasionArromanches 360° CinemaA modern use of technology to relay contemporary footage of the landings on an enveloping screen – well worth a visit
The Ouistreham BlockhouseAn impressive view over Sword beach from this observation blockhouse – a quality Atlantic Wall museum.Hillman strongpointA mile or so inland from Ouistreham you will find the Hillman bunker – a D-Day objective for the Suffolk Regt that was much later captured. Visit is free and unattended – a must see.
Normandy American cemeteryIt’s scale and imposing position on Omaha Beach. Famous burials (e.g. Roosevelt) and beauty.Brittany American Cemetery and MemorialLess visited but even more spectacular buildings and tree lined avenues greet you. Particular interest goes to the memorial chapel.


  • Landing Beaches, visit the sites of British, Canadian and American landings. Walk on the sands, picture the scene in June 1944 and re-enact the allied landings.
  • The Atlantic Wall, visit German fortress positions, many of which you can still enter.
  • Cemeteries, British, American, Canadian, Commonwealth and German – poignant reminders of the human cost of war.
  • D-Day Museum & 360º Cinema, visit the excellent museum and cinema in Arromanches, overlooking the remains of the Mulberry harbour.
  • Pegasus Bridge Museum, see the site of the daring airborne raid that successfully took a vital strategic crossing point and where the first soldier was killed on D-Day.
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