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France WW1

France WW1

Students learn the story, and the lessons, of the Somme.

Educational Visits & Study Themes

Some ideas of how Wyvern can show you more visits than the usual well trodden list

Sites you may knowGood forSimilar sites you may not knowGood for
The Thiepval memorialScale of the memorial and good museumDevonshire TrenchStunning small cemetery in contrast with moving sign at entrance and story.
Pozières British cemetery & memorialHoused in an imposing walled area. A fine example of a British cemeteryFricourt German cemeteryDistinctively different to British cemeteries. Site of original resting place of the flying ace “The Red Baron”.
Devil’s WoodStunning location to visit due to its size and scale. Last Tree standing can also be seen – it still has shrapnel.Sheffield ParkBritish trenches and stories of friendship and sadness.
Lochnagar CraterStunning site where British tunnellers dug under the German trenches and exploded tonnes of explosives. The crater can fit several London Buses.Wellington’s QuarrySubterranean visit in tunnels used during Wellington’s campaigns and in WW1. Soldiers’ graffiti can be seen – a whole division hid in these massive tunnels!



  • Beaumont-Hamel, trench site where a full regiment was all but obliterated in 30 minutes.
  • Lochnagar Crater, see where British tunnellers detonated a huge explosion under German positions.
  • Historial de la Grande Guerre, Péronne, a superb educational museum with artefacts and accounts from WW1 – a must see museum.
  • Somme 1916 Museum, housed in a cellar dug under the streets of Albert that was originally used as a anti-aircraft shelter.
  • Thiepval Memorial, monument to dead and missing British and Commonwealth soldiers, with very good museum and café.
  • Vimy Ridge, site of important Canadian victory where you can see many tunnels, trenches and craters as well as an imposing memorial to the dead.
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