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About Us

About Us

Established 1979

In August 2017, Wyvern Schooltours became part of Halsbury Travel Ltd, one of the UK’s most well-respected independent school tour operators. The company specialises in providing high quality school tours backed up by over 37 years’ experience and an outstanding professional reputation for reliability, safety and value. Founded by former teachers, our inspiring programmes lend themselves to richly engaging cross-curricular studies and can be tailored to meet your individual learning objectives. It’s a service that takes a huge weight off your shoulders, at rates that few others can match.


Wyvern Schooltours is proud of its reputation as the UK’s specialist MFL school tour operator. We have been working with MFL teachers in Primary and Secondary schools for 38 years. Wyvern was created by experienced MFL teachers in 1979 and, ever since, we have continued to be passionate about helping teachers and their students to immerse themselves in the languages and cultures of European destinations.

Highest Quality

Since 1979, we are known for providing, organizing and arranging high quality, successful, educational school trips. Our high levels of service set us apart from others.

  • We always put safety first. For your complete peace of mind, we always adhere to UK Foreign Office Travel Advice. For more information, please visit
  • We are very flexible. Founded by teachers, we understand the pressures and stresses faced by teachers when organising tours.
  • We take a huge administrative burden off the shoulders of busy teachers.
  • We select reliable, professional and dependable suppliers, and negotiate the best rates possible.
  • We work hard to provide what our clients want.
  • We innovate and are always looking for ways to improve.
  • We keep everything simple, work efficiently and professionally, and are very friendly and helpful to deal with.
  • Most importantly, our prices are very competitive. Try us for a quotation. You’ll see the difference.
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